Sleep  With A Smile – Sleep With Nasivent !


Introducing... the NasiVent tube. This anti snore tube was developed by Gunter Basel, a German Sport doctor, and is recommended by 800+ German E.N.T. specialists. 


NasiVent tubes, smart development let you breathe free through your nose again. Poor nose-breathing is the cause of snoring and sleep apnea over more than 80%.... proven.

If you are tired from searching and trying to cure your snoring or dangerous snoring, the NasiVent tube helps you Instantly with the air you need. 
This makes you sleep on your side again, the normal and Natural way for sleeping, without the noisome sound of snoring and Sleep apnea!

The NasiVent tube, is medical tested and helps  to eliminate snoring and somtimes even sleep apnea in a Simple but Comfortable and durable way! Thousands of other people are using it already and are  completely satisfied with this perfect solution. You Can try Nasivent RISK FREE with the A-to-Z warranty.

                                                                                                                                                                       The Nasivent Tube Plus Soft new model 
for stiffen the nose-wall. 


Too bad..... We need to start with an announcement as there are sites that cannot handle the success of a good working product and try to downgrade our NasiVent products.  But okay, that’s how internet works those days.  Bad actions Yes.. Especially as you find out that the “Anti snoring aid review site OWNER”  is registered in Panama by an obscure internet provider- house. You can’t find any official address, phone number or anything else needed for rectification.  Any way,.. Nasivent plus is a German Manufactured Product produced and sold by “"  in the Netherlands.     


Company: Vital Health Products
Managing Directors: Anton Bende (Asia) / Klaas Brusselers (europe )
Address Laurierstraat 174, 1016 PS Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Phone:  0031654647720

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As You can imagine, we don’t like to add the link to that review site, to avoid to many "Google" clicks on it as Nasivent Tube reviw is a popular search item.  Please, read more about our product on page;   Snoring and Sleep-apnea


Our specialists involved with the development of the NasiVent are members of the Above German organizations.   

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