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Introducing... the NasiVent tube!! World’s first Medical developed and ENT approved anti sleep apnea and snoring aid!

NasiVent tubes, smart development let you breathe free through your nose again.. what is the cause of sleep apnea over more than 80%.... proven.

If you are tired from searching and trying to cure your snoring or dangerous Sleep apnea, Now The NasiVent tube gives you the air you need instantly,
and make you sleep on your side again.. the normal and Natural way for sleeping, without the noisome sound of snoring and Sleep apnea!

The NasiVent tube, is the first medical developed anti snore and sleep apnea aid that ends "Sleep Apnea" Simple and Comfortable. Thousands of other 
people are using it already and are completely satisfied with this perfect solution.  

                                                                                                                              The Nasivent Tube Soft Medical silicone for stiffen the nose-wall 


There are three forms of sleep apnea:

1- Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA),
(84% of all sleep apnea cases) is the most common type of sleep apnea, and is caused by;
obstruction of the upper airway. (over the 80 % by a blocked nose)

2- Central sleep apnea (CSA)
In pure; central sleep apnea the brain's respiratory control centers are imbalanced during sleep.
Meaning; a mismatch “brain signal” <and> “breathing signal”, and or weakness of the muscles for
breathing. This type of Apnea is only 0,4 % (less than a half percent) of all sleep apnea causes. (This
is not a physical cause)

3- 15.6 % Is a Combination or mixed sleep apnea.....
Occurs when both, obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea are present.

In all three cases we will snore too. In most cases snoring is the first sign of developing Sleep Apnea.

           OSA is 84 % is related to Physical problems as a blocked nose and a blocked trachea. 



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                                            Nasivent Tube ~ Anti Snore and OSA aid.

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Nasivent Tube, not only stops snoring and Sleep apnea, but also lowers your Blood-pressure, by increasing the Oxygen volume in the blood. How this works, please read underneath explanation!  

Understanding Nitric Oxide in Man;

We do breath every day approx. 18,000 times, and approx. 6,000 times a night. (8 hours)

Breathing through the mouth while lying on the back, is the main cause of snoring and sleep apnea. Therefore we must sleep on our side,
(the natural way) to avoid harmful mouth breathing. The mouth is than closed and no sound occurs.

Mouth breathing is not only bad for Snoring and Sleep apnea. But Mouth breathing also does not bring the Nitric Oxide we need for a
oxygen in the blood and Lowering BP. We need to breath only through the nose while sleeping. Mouthpieces in general
mouth breathing and are the wrong way to avoid snoring!  Please read underneath resent information from medical reports on it. 

Fig. 1. Explains that Nasal breathing delivers Nitric Oxide.

Fig. 2. Explains that Nasal breathing delivers Nitric Oxide, and mouth breathing is not. 

Fig. 3. Explains that Nasal breathing is increasing oxygen and lowering Blood pressure.  

(click the reports for larger image) 



Sleep apnea occurs for 84% only when we sleep on our back! 

Do I have Sleep Apnea ? Or do I snore only? Or both?

When you often sleep alone or separate, you don’t know if you suffer from sleep apnea or you do only snore. Couples who sleep separate, can’t hear if you are sometimes stop breathing while you sleep. In most cases the partner will find out that sleep apnea events appears, by their partner what can be a freighting experience. Sometimes So freighting, that we will shake our partner roughly to make him or her breath again. This situation is unhealthy for both partners. Underneath you will find the symptoms you can overlook. When you do recognize two or more of the underneath symptoms, you better give your sleep pattern a closer look. 

How Nasivent Tube can help;
As we offer you a “Money back” services, we don’t like to spill your and our time and affords by sending our products back and forth.
To avoid this unnecessary actions, you must find out if you can be helped by using the NasiVent Tube or not. Please read all the
information before you order, and specially the symptoms in the blue cart. You will find out if you can use the NasiVent Tube or not.

Other causes of Snoring and Sleep Apnea (without blocked nose) can be;

- overweight (blocked airpassage due to obese)                                           (You can try Nasivent also)
- to large tonsils                                                                                        (You can try Nasivent also)
- swolen glands                                                                                         (medical specialist advised) 
- adhesions in the upper airways                                                                 (medical specialist advised)
- CSA (central sleep apnea) only 0.4 % of the Sleep apnea forms.                 (medical specialist advised)

This type of problems are less common but needs Medical attention as the NasiVent tube can't help here or can slightly help.
A blocked nose is the most common cause found in Sleep apnea (sleep apnoea) and snoring. (84% +)
Pls. have a look to this informative video for a better understanding.

Sleep apnea prevent with the Nasivent Tube

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Before you place an order, and you like to know more about the medical effects and results, or you like to read in depended reviews of users,
in the US, Germany, England and more, we added external sites where you can find this 

1- As the NasiVent tube is developed by a German sport doctor in 1998, you can find written endorsements of 13 German ENT doctors.

(ENT endorstments nasivent tube)   Our Nasivent Yube has obtained a P.Z.N number, (Pharma-zentral-nummer) Used in Germany by Pharmacies and Health Insurance companies. 

2- Nasivent is sold over the past 12 months now on, and, and here you can find the in depended reviews of users
of the NasiVent Tube
(In depended reviews  OR In depended reviews drugstore   Nasivent tube can help you in almost all cases of  Sleep apnea and snoring in the most comfortable way, as this is for 80% + is caused by Obstructive Upper airways. (nostrils) 


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Our specialists involved with the development of the NasiVent are members of the Above German organizations.   

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